Tarbela Level 1436.95, Mangla 1179.70, Chashma Level 646.80

Head of the Cell Mr. Alamgir Khan,Chief Engineer (Flood)
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Federal Flood Commission

Up to the end of 1976, Provincial Governments were responsible for planning and execution of their respective flood protection works. Disastrous floods of 1973 and 1976 resulted in heavy losses indicating that existing flood protection facilities and planning were inadequate to provide effective protective measures for the country. Heavy losses sustained to the economy were discussed at an Inter-Provincial Conference and subsequently through Resolution dated 4th January 1977, Federal Flood Commission (FFC) was established to manage the issues of flood management on country-wide basis.


  1. Preparation of National Flood Protection Plans;
  2. Approval of flood control schemes prepared by Provincial Governments and  concerned Federal Agencies;
  3. Review of flood damages to flood protection infrastructure and review of plans for restoration and reconstruction works;
  4. Measures for improvements in Flood Forecasting and Warning System;
  5. Standardization of designs and specifications for flood protection works;
  6. Evaluation and monitoring  relating to  progress of implementation of the National Flood Protection Plans;
  7. Preparation of a Research Program for flood control and protection; and
  8. Recommendations regarding principles of regulation of reservoirs for flood control.